Rising With The Wind (2023)

Rising With The Wind (2023)

Rising With The Wind (2023)

Other name:我要逆风去 我要逆風去 Wo Yao Ni Feng Qu I Want To Go Against the Wind Поднимаясь с ветром

Director: Zhao Yi Long [赵一龙]

Country: Chinese

Status: Ongoing

Released: 2023

Genre: Business, Conglomerate, Novel, Romance, Workplace, Youth


The story revolves around the revivalry of a national brand in the face of the impact of e-commerce. Xu Si, an investment professional who moves back to mainland China from a Hong Kong investment bank, meets Jiang Hu, the only daughter of the chairman of a national clothing conglomerate. Due to their differing business philosophies, the two are at odds with each other. When Jiang Hu's father's company suddenly goes bankrupt, she finds herself plummeting from the heights of success. Meanwhile, Xu Si—who has always been ambitious—sets his sights on the rubber-soled shoe brand "Tengyue" which was once created by Jiang Hu's father. Determined to save "Tengyue" at all costs, Jiang Hu—despite her downfall—engages in a fierce battle with Xu Si. Ultimately, their interactions and struggles will determine the fate of "Tengyue" and whether it can be revived. (Source: iQIYI) Adapted from the novel "Wo Yao Ni Feng Qu" (我要逆风去) by Wei Zai (未再). Episodes: 40
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